Here’s an exciting new Instrumental Progressive Metal project that I’m sure a number of you will enjoy… Presenting Valisasha! This is some truly great material all stemming from the mind of Walking Across Jupiter guitarist Alexander Valitov. He’s already proven his chops through his band and now he’s come to push the envelope on his own. The results speak for themselves!

This all translates through the release of his new Valisasha EP “Unilanguage”. It’s currently available for streaming and purchase across most major music platforms on the internet. You can find all the relevant links by CLICKING HERE to see the Valisasha Bandlink.

Furthermore, we’re grateful for the opportunity to host a full streaming video for the new EP over on YouTube! This comes complete with some beautiful waterfront footage to compliment the melodic sounds. Feel free to give this a spin through the YouTube link provided below and drink in the music for yourself!

All in all, this makes for a beautiful and intriguing listening experience propelled by some true talent. Across these ~15 minutes, an exhibition of Progressive Metal greatness is fully realized. It’s highly recommended that music fans of all walks give this one a go if you’re seeking quality music of the instrumental variety.

It’s well polished and well composed from head-to-toe. Speaking of which, the new music was all written by Alexander Valitov, mixed by Danil Khabibullin and mastered by Nick Britvin.

If you wish to follow along with Valisasha’s activity directly, Alexander has established a presence for the project across several social networks. This includes the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and VK. Navigate over and show some love! Any and all support for this project is well deserved.

In other news, Walking Across Jupiter have been rolling out singles of their own very recently! You can check a recent music video from the band + more by CLICKING HERE.

Links: Bandlink // Facebook // Instagram // VK