DREAM VOID directly target recent abuses of power in their latest single / music video combo “Perspective”. CLICK HERE to grab it on Bandcamp. Given as a newscast alongside recent footage, you can see how this plays out over the absolutely blistering Technical Death Metal music right here:

Here’s the official statement that comes alongside the video:

“Perspective” is about abuse of power, in any form. When someone with an ability to make a change witnesses an equal of theirs abuse the power they possess, and watches silently, they are committing the same act. This applies to all walks of life, all professions, in any magnitude. If you can help, help. If you can help and don’t, then you have zero ability to be upset in any form at the repercussions of your own actions and/or inaction.

Stand up. Unite. Respect.

Drew Keedy – vocals

Justin Seymour – guitars, bass, music composition

KC Brand (The Odious Construct) – drums

Cody Clem – video production and editing

Dream Void: Facebook // Bandcamp