Here are the new records that will be coming out this week! If you’d like to see releases added to the list for future weeks, contact us by clicking here.

Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred

Bane – Holding These Moments (10/13)

Benediction – Scriptures

Bulb (Periphery) – Archives: Electronic

Chaos Divine – Legacies

The Damned – The Rockfield Files

Disciples Of Verity – Pragmatic Sanction

Goratory – Sour Grapes

Henrik Palm – Poverty Metal

Infera Bruo – Rites Of The Nameless

Infesticide – Envenoming Wounds

JeGong – I

Kingdom Of Giants – Passenger

Lost Symphony – Chapter II

Nightstryke – Storm of Steel

Spirit Adrift – Enlightened In Eternity

Tommy Lee – Andro

Transcendence – Towards Obscurities Beyond

Wayfarer – A Romance With Violence