Location: ZΓΌrich, Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­
Genre: Modern Metalcore / Djent
For fans of: After The Burial, Periphery, Emmure, Callejon, Sikth, iwrestledabearonce


Video by Sam Beck (Emmure, Darko)

“Luchador is the first song recorded by KTU since we changed our line up almost entirely between. With this new constellation, we merged new influences into this song without losing identity. Another novelty was to record and produce the song – for the most part – in DYI fashion. This took time – Lots of learning and failing happened, as a natural part of the process… It was important to us, that the result should not lack in quality and do justice to the song itself and the new direction of sound.

After the instrumental- and vocal parts where done, we were lucky to score Mauro (Sinjen Audio Lab) to master and finalize the music. This added another dimension to the song that we wouldn’t wanna miss. For now, have fun with Luchador and let us know what you think!”

The song “Luchador” is about a person trapped in a difficult situation in his/her life. Seeing no future, no perspective, the person gets radicalized.

But the person has doubts and questions his-/herself. Therefore, wrestling serves as a metaphor for the process of change into a worldview that the protagonist feels is more adequate – unhealthy, radicalized, willing to be violent even. Slowly, the protagonist starts creating as well as enjoying his/her new alter ego.

In spite of knowing that this is not the right way, the person indulges in the attention he/she gets from his/her actions and finally becomes a self-proclaimed monster.