Ever wonder how Dream Theater would sound on toy instruments? No? Me neither. Yes? Now is your time to shine…

There's a band that goes by the name of Plastica. And every once in a blue moon they get drunk enough to play music on children's toy instruments (and beer bottles). On this latest occassion, the lads decided to galavant and attempt covering Dream Theater's "Erotomania" on said children's toy instruments (need I reiterate?).

If you look further back, you discover Plastica has also covered the legendary Rush and Metallica. The songs "YYZ" ("Y Y ME") and "Master of Puppets" ("Master of Pop Tarts") to be more specific.

So, without further adieu, here is Plastica shredding instruments less than half their size. I also made sure to include the original versions of every song for all your cross comparison needs.


Plastica: YouTube // Official Website

Dream Theater: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

Rush: Facebook // Official Website // iTunes

Metallica: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes