The past is never truly dead and gone.  It can glint through the gossamer gauze of the present day, providing ghostly reminders of tragedy and triumph. 

Some people live in the past; disregarding the limits of the physical world, yearning to know and control the future, they seek rituals to conjure and incant; casting spells upon their enemies through communing with the dead.  Attempting to control the sinister, spectral figures of demonic presence and have them glide, unbound by normal physics through walls and across oceans to do their evil bidding.  Such are the ways of the Shadow Places, the darkened recesses of place and mind; where courage shrinks and fear motivates like cancer.  Such are the ways of the Dark, such are the ways of The Necromancer.

Nexilva are back with their new video, this time for the song Necromancer.  Mercifully this time the Sunderland lads did not have to suffer for their art in the same way as they did for the Eschatologies Promo, which had them being trailed by a Mysterious Hooded Figure as they froze their arses off in a snow laden field; this video finds them on a beach with the sun rising in the background. 

However, it is not all flip flops and sweet shops as the Hooded Figure from the Escatologies vid has returned!!  This time with minions. Walking with sinister intent as they drag a body with inexorable persistence through a Forest , bound for a castle, presumably for use in some Mystical Ritual.

Nexilva have had a busy year to date, as well as releasing their New Album, they have played barn burning sets at both LesFest and GhostFest, supported I Declare War in London and have charmed and harmed audiences all across the country with their mesmerising live performances. 

Representing the harder edge of the Tech Scene, with their powerful progressive Death metal, Nexilva are more fun than a box of Frogs and scarier than a planeload of Snakes. Catch them on the TechFest Main Stage, at 5.00pm Saturday the 12th of July.

Whatever you do, don't miss out.  You never know who is watching……..     

– John Whitmore




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