Flash Before My Eyes is a new, upcoming metal act from the city of Rome, Italy. They've been working hard ever since 2010 to develop their debut, full-length album, "Whispers From The World". In doing so, they successfully aligned a modern metalcore sound with progressive metal and even "djenty" elements. The results end in something that should be very interesting for fans of artists such as Within The Ruins, ERRA and Novelists. "Whispers From The World" was first released upon the Earth last month.

With the album, Flash Before My Eyes brings accurate and refined musicianship, capable of packing a fairly original and captivating sound. The band is catchy and heavy but also extremely melodic when it's needed. The intro track "Our Wealth" will immediately hit home, especially with its message. But it's when their first single, "For The Earth We Speak", kicks in that you'll really hear what I'm talking about in regards to relation of sound with other prominent bands. Ultimately, this results in something very good and pleasing to the ears.

"Vacuum" and "Transient" deliver an awesome balance between their heaviest passages, with a massive rhythmic sections, and some of their sweetest melodies. Throughout the duration of the album, the band also brings awesome, creative breakdowns. Add all of this together, and you could easily place Flash Before My Eyes among the leaders of the modern metal pack.

Another must listen on this album is "Outcry", which features guest vocals from former ERRA vocalist Garrison Lee. It brings some of the band's catchiest and grooviest riffs, where the band's ability to blend melody and heaviness expresses itself at its finest. With the tracks "Veritatem Vir" and "Slice of Life", the band unleashes their heaviest ordinance, right before a melodic intro leads us into the magical ending of the album entitled "The Journey". This is an appropriate moniker to say the very least.

Ultimately, "Whispers From The World" is a very intelligent and quite underrated release. It's definitely worth the attention and the respect of all fans of modern, progressive metalcore. We are proud to stream this sick release on our YouTube channel and we hope that all of you enjoy it as much as we did!


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