Besides music, watching TV shows has become a major form of entertainment for me recently. I’ve been watching a lot of current shows, and even finished binge-watching Friends. After watching the first half of Limitless, a new sci-fi/drama/thriller show, I realized how much metal was tied in to the show.

“A man gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities. A television adaptation of the 2011 film, ‘Limitless’.”

We first see this with an At the Gates song played in episode 5. Slaughter of the Soul when he explains what might happen in Supermax Prison.

The very next episode includes Apocalyptic Havoc by Goatwhore, during a scene when Brian’s hallucinations from NZT aggravate as he meanders through the city until he passes out.

We see an obvious shout-out to Skeletonwitch in episode 7, when Brian explains why no one would look inside a Skeletonwitch LP to find drugs. We also get to glance at his impressive vinyl collection; this Brian is obviously a metalhead at heart.

Another funny tie-in is when a BABYMETAL song is played while we see a montage of Brian learning Southeast Asian languages. (I don’t know why they dig deeper to find some zany Southeast Asian song, but Gimme Chocolate!! was definitely a good choice for those who may not care about specific details).

The most recent tie-in was in episode 11 when Brian asks Ike to buy a record because it’s record store day. The record he asked for was Labyrinth Constellation by Artificial Brain.

Later that episode, The Usher, a Subrosa song, comes on when Boyle comes back to the office at the end of episode and finds an NZT pill at the bottom of his cubicle.

I’m glad that Limitless has been featuring so much metal in their show, almost without trying. I hope to hear more references later on. Make sure to start watching the show if you haven’t been. Hell, it’s free to watch on CBS at 10 PM EST. The next episode is on January 19.

–    TheVociferator

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