When one thinks of metal demos (or just music demos in general), it’s not rare to cross thoughts of low quality or incomplete products intended to stay deep in the underground. Essentially, demos are intended to show a mere glimpse of the glory to come.

That is not the case at all today. The glory is here. Presenting Anachronism! This Technical / Experimental Death Metal four-piece has officially blown ears out of the water with one of the highest quality demos we’ve heard in awhile! Consisting of two tracks over 6+ minutes, this small release packs a lot of firepower and mind bending musical potential. Not to mention the quality feeling of it all around. Press that play button below to take in the metallic madness of “Neurodegeneration” and “Cursed be the Senses”!

Better yet, both of these tracks are available for a FREE DOWNLOAD over on Bandcamp! If you enjoy this music, definitely be sure to check out the band’s debut 2015 release “Reflecting The Inside” as well! This is just a great band all around…

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp