Here’s a heavy hitting world premiere primed to melt some faces. Event Horizon are a force to be reckoned with and the immense gravity of their sound might just pull you in! Their weapon of choice is a modern Progressive Metalcore sound. So, if you enjoy the talents of contemporaries along the lines of After The Burial and ERRA, this is most definitely a band you should be paying attention to!

They just launched an all new music video by the name of “Cyclical Design” with some great visuals to match the sound. You can enjoy this new sound from the band by hitting the “play” button provided just below. Make sure to brace yourself before doing so!

There’s sure to be more greatness where this came from so, if you enjoy, follow along with the band! Check their Facebook, Official Website, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also grab their music and listen on platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Event Horizon – Cyclical Design (Official Music Video)

World Premiere! Brand new music video from Event HorizonNew Orleans Progressive Metalcore FFO After The Burial, ERRA, Born of Osiris, Horizon – Cyclical Design (Official Music Video)Released in association with Event Horizon

Posted by The Circle Pit on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Instagram // Twitter