For those who are out of the loop, there’s a great new band making moves out of Richmond, Virginia. They go by the name of Epiphany and they’re here to light up your mind with some advanced Progressive Metal / Rock music. These are the kind of tracks bound to draw pictures and scenes in the eye of the listener with a unique, sonic storytelling ability! Ultimately, this turns out to be awesome listening material for a number of reasons.

Most recently, this band launched their self-titled EP effort which is the culmination of 5 new tracks making for a great listening experience! We even recently wrote up a full review for this which you can check out by CLICKING HERE. Their recent record contains all the entertainment described in the first paragraph of this page plus much more! Get on it!

To bolster this most recent effort, the band just put out an all new music video for the single “Vertigo”. This consists of a live performance from the four man Epiphany line-up complete with some nice coloring and more. You can snoop this out along with a full stream for the Epiphany EP by pressing the play buttons on the videos below! They both serve as a great introduction to the band.

If you enjoy the music, you can further enjoy and purchase the new EP through platforms like Bandcamp and iTunes. The full experience is also available to stream through Spotify and the aforementioned YouTube and Bandcamp platforms. If you’d like to dig in even further, the band is live on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bandsintown. You can also contact Epiphany for private lessons and guitar tabs by sending them an e-mail and learn much more about the band, their mission, and music from their Official Website!

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp // YouTube // Official Website