Here’s a selection of tours and festivals happening in January 2020! If you’d like to see tours / festivals added to the list for future months, contact us by clicking here.



[CLICK HERE FOR DATES] Tool, Author & Punisher 1/10 – 2/1

[CLICK HERE FOR DATES] Machine Head 1/16 – 2/22

[CLICK HERE FOR DATES] Shadow of Intent, Inferi, Signs of the Swarm, Brand of Sacrifice 1/16 – 2/1

[CLICK HERE FOR DATES] Ingested, Visceral Disgorge, Cabal 1/30 – 3/1

[CLICK HERE FOR DATES] Periphery, Plini, Covet 1/30 – 2/16


[CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO] The Red Shore – First show in 10 years 1/18

[CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO] Poison The Well – 20th anniversary show for “The Opposite of December” 1/18