THE ODIOUS just launched their first cover to date. Give a listen to their take on Alice In Chains’ “Sickman” right here:

Here’s what the band had to say of this:

“Since we can remember, Grunge music has held an extremely special place in our hearts. We used to relish the idea that a movement that impactful could be born in a place like the Pacific Northwest in the early 90s. It became something so potent, so raw, that it couldn’t possibly be ignored by the world. Over the years these bands have truly proven to be amongst our most crucial inspirations, and none more so than the great Alice and Chains. We are ecstatic to announce the release of our very first cover, “Sickman,” from their magnum opus, Dirt. We really wanted to make something to honor the legacy of our idols, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally see it through for you guys. We love you.”

*The Portland, Oregon, group is planning to release a new EP in 2021. The group’s most recent effort was their 2nd album, Vesica Piscis, which dropped in June of 2019.

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