Here’s a beautiful world premiere for you good people! We were recently introduced to a fearsome new band by the name of Vena Sera. And now, we’d like to extend that introduction to you! This is a heavy as hell Progressive Metal band emerging from the Inland Empire of Riverside, California. The lineup currently consists of three highly talented members Jacob Garcia (Drums and Production / also of He Films the Clouds), Thomas Spaulding (Guitars), Nigel Luster (Vocals), and Jesse Villalta (Bass). Together, they deliver some truly awesome sounds that deserve recognition.

Today marks the premiere of their all new EP “Dead Souls”! Not only does the band deliver in kind – the track listing includes cameos from the monstrous creativity of guitar players Michael Blackmond (Dora The Destroyer) and Jack Demaio (BlurryCloud). This is a five track offering with shortage of twists, turns, and technicality to keep listeners engaged.

That being the case, it’s our absolute pleasure to present “Dead Souls” directly to you! The entirety of this EP is now live and streaming via YouTube. Feel free to indulge in the aural delights through the video provided just below. As per usual, if you enjoy what Vena Sera are doing with their music, be sure to show the band some love and support over on Facebook and Bandcamp!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp