It’s a known fact that metal music can make just about anything better. Last Monday, we asked the great followers of The Circle Pit what bands help them defeat the Monday blues. We got a lot of answers which equals a lot of new music for you to go check out. So, if you’re looking to start this week off right, feel free to look into the bands / links provided in the comments below. All the best, my friends \m/

Today it was THE Ohio State Marching Band playing OSU football fight songs. But usually it’s Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Napalm Death or that extremely fucking TASTEY Gadget tune they just released a few days ago.

Right now it’s Nightwish. Going to see them tonight! Only thing getting me through Monday

Today, it was Unearth.

Today my bands are Periphery, Between The Buried and Me, and CHON.

Murder Mondays with The Black Dahlia Murder.

Fallujah, Converge.

That new Shokran solo album!

Vildhjarta, Invent Animate, ERRA, Novelists, and Uneven Structure.

Today I’ve been jamming Trapped Under Ice and Incendiary.

Polyphia, Soul Cycle, After the Burial. Amon Amarth during winter months.

Jamie Lenman and Gojira. Got it going on shuffle right now. TesseracT on right now.

Lamb of God and System of a Down. Classic overlords, nowadays.

I’m going to get a lot of hate on this but Five Finger Death Punch got me through today!

Today I was listening to Helloween. Getting ready for tomorrow.

Taking Your Last Chance, Scarab, Iconoclast, Shadow of Intent (No particular order)

Been listening to Agalloch, Origin, and Thy Light today.

Mostly Killswitch Engage and All Shall Perish currently.

Reflections new album and Haunted Shores new EP.

Enter Shikari – I’m really digging their new album.

So far: Darkest Hour, Animals As Leaders, and Obscura

Kraanium and Human Cordyceps.

Job For a Cowboy, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence… and I like Mondays! \m/

Municipal Waste. August Burns Red. The Crucified.

Enterprise Earth, Suffokate, Walking With Strangers, Carnifex, and Obey the Brave.

Trap Them.

Tool and Dream Theater.

High On Fire!

Impending Doom.

Any Brutal Death band.

It’s been a Mastodon month.

Cannibal Corpse, of course…

Meshuggah. And Plini before bed.

Good ol’ fashioned Pantera.

Soreption & Archspire.

Today, iwrestledabearonce.

Fucking Aborted.

Slaughter To Prevail.

Judas Priest.

The Contortionist.

Steel Pather, baby!

I Declare War – Misery Cloud.

Like Pacific and Wage War.

Gravemind and Affiance.

The Plot in You.

Leprous is bae.

Death all day today.

Rings of Saturn helps lol.

Slice the Cake \m/


Hotel Books.

My entire fucking playlist, bitch! Bwuahaha!

Sabaton or Immortal.


Today has been Full of Hell.


Machine Head and Anthrax.

Exivious today.


Every Time I Die.


Gideon, Neck Deep & Kublai Khan.